Monday, April 27, 2009

A Dog a Day: Jack Skellington

Before I tell you about Jack Skellington, I have good news: Nelly, the adorable beagle cross from the last dog post, found her forever home a few days ago! Yay!
Here's Jack:
Jack Skellington is a German Shepherd cross. He's big and strong but gentle and generally awesome. He'd be perfect for a family with a big yard and a park nearby. His profile says he's sweet and shy, which is pretty much what I got from meeting him. Look at that handsome doggy face, ready to make you totally popular at the dog park (if you happen to live in the Southern Ontario area)! From the name they gave him, it seems he's been there since Hallowe'en. He deserves a good home. Maybe posting about the dogs I've met is good luck, and he'll be going home soon.

I'll return with more canine coolness soon!


Garden Amber and Springtime

Good news! I sold 5 pieces in person this week - only one of them currently listed on Etsy. Someone simply had to have this bracelet I like to call Springtime, I'm Out Here in Your Morning Breezes.

Essential piece for optimists/lovers. Not suggested for winter, summer, or autumn (unless you are very secure or Celtic). Perfect for March, April and May. Make a spash at the Vernal Equinox. Flora will flourish wherever you go, and swallows will follow. Especially pretty during supercell thunderstorms.

-B. D.

A spring-coloured combination of olivine jade rectangles, Czech glass flowers in garnet and wasabi, and sterling silver findings – this bracelet was made to remind you that winter can’t possibly last forever, or so I’ve been told. Fun and breezy, perfect for dressing up or down! -G.M.

This bracelet went to a lovely Dutch girl who can give it the love it deserves. I'll be making a variation of this right away, though, so sit tight. More news on dogs to come!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Dog a Day: Nelly!

I met this dog Nelly at the SPCA today. She is wayy prettier in person. She's some kind of beagle cross, which makes her smelly - ie, she likes to smell things, not be smelly herself. She's a really good dog, though, as far as I can tell. So gentle and kind. Apparently she sometimes pees on the floor, which is not a plus, but can be dealt with if you have patience - she's a bit of an older dog. She also has really soft fur.

So I don't know if I'll be back with another dog tomorrow, but I will be back with one soon! I met a bunch today, and I think they all warrant their own little post.

Evening, lads and ladies!

ps - An apology to the comments left on my previous posts! I'm sorry I've been so lax in responding, for some reason I thought I'd get email notifications. Thanks so much for commenting, I'll be more attentive in future!

Star Falling!

This is a pretty popular bracelet in my household, so I decided to break some hearts and sell it.

Star Falling, not outshone by the sun, collapsing through clouds. Morning star, son of dawn. Absorbs light frequencies, the color of authority. Wear it to a stock market crash, perfect attire for the Great Depression.


This bracelet is actually called We Own the Sky, my not at all favourite song by M83. It just seemed to fit, though, see? Anyway, here's the official description:

Here’s a fun and pretty bracelet sure to turn heads, if people happen to be looking in the direction of your hands. A reaaaaally big black plastic star dangles from a double-link silver tone chain, fastened with a brass-finished toggle clasp. Luminous purple glass pearls dangle along the length. Fun and crazy! OOAK.

I think I'll write something a bit more life-related in the next post, but I'll make it a seperate one, so you can see We Own the Sky in all its glory. Catch it here, in my store, if you stumbled here by accident and want to own it or anything else I've posted!

See you soon!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I listed a new item today! Behold, the Waterfalling earrings:

Is society eroding your will to live? Don't worry, it's not your "fault" (or your landslide). The perfect piece to stave off suicidal tendencies. Don't throw yourself over Niagara Falls - clasp on this collector's item instead. Increases your velocity, depression will recede. Essential for the survival of all life forms.


These earrings are an elegant addition to Vera Luna, measuring about 2” in length. On each sterling silver hinged earring, an emerald-coloured Swarovski heart crystal is wrapped in delicate silver wire, dangling at the end of a sterling silver cable chain. Next to this hangs a silver key on a slightly heavier chain, giving the earrings flash and movement. A lovely accessory for any outfit.

I'll be back with more soon, my pretties, soooon!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Edge of the Deep Green Sea

I just listed this on Etsy, where I believe it promptly disappeared into the pool of new jewellery constantly circulating the site.
According to Bryan:

Edge of Deep Green Sea, located in South Carolina. Comes with historic value. Looks great against the Adriatic. Quantum physics required. Alternates well with..(Oct Necklace, also known as Violet the Octopus).


And to myself:

Accessorize yourself on days when you feel lost at sea. This necklace is a moody homage to the mysterious ocean. It hangs at around 20”, featuring an 18x24mm cameo set in a vintage brass backing with an antiqued scalloped edge. The cameo is a haunting tableau of sea sirens drawing sailors to their deaths on the open ocean. Dark green and light jonquil irregular freshwater pearls make up the length of the necklace, wrapped in sterling silver wire and fastening at an asymmetrical point to one side with an antiqued brass toggle clasp. At the corresponding spot on the other side, a yellow silk flower blooms above a dangling yellow crystal faceted pear. Finally, two strands of wire-wrapped pearls make up the front of this show stopper; the cameo is wired to the shorter strand, and the bottom drapes elegantly across the décolleté. Unique, dark, stormy and beautiful, this necklace is perfect for anyone who likes to dress outside the box. OOAK.


It's a pretty wicked necklace, if I do say so myself. I hope someone notices it! *crosses fingers*

I'm just going to have to leave signs of myself everywhere I go. That's going to contrast pretty sharply with my training as a ninja, so it's bound to be an uphill battle. I'll have to learn to make noise when I enter a room, and leave behind business cards instead of flashes and plumes of vanishing smoke.

Hey, the mermaid reminded me: I started to write a mermaid story a long time ago, so maybe I'll post some of it on the sister blog, to generate interest or gain feedback or at least drag it up from the bottom of the well I left it in when I started writing other things. Look, it's a scary mermaid story, not a romantic, Twilight-with-fishgirls story, right? People actually get hurt. I promise.

*flash, smoke*


Sunday, April 19, 2009

I am Open for Business! Oh, let me rephrase that...

Vera Luna is now present on Etsy! Come see me and witness all those little details I'm not sure about! Gasp aloud as you discover my desperately attention-grabbing tag skills! Now, people who stumbled here by accident friends and loved ones, we begin that long period of glorious uncertainty known on Etsy as the Undiscovered (Pounce) Country. If you remember your Star Trek, that country is the future, not the awesome place you assumed it was when you first saw the trailers for that movie as a kid.

What I mean to say is, success may take its time getting here. That's not something I'm unaccustomed to, so I think I'm pretty prepared. However, if any of you out there are totally in love with something I've made and want to make me ridiculously happy by causing money to fall into my bank account, please, feel free to do so. Refer your rich friends to me as well.

I'll post some new photos here soon!


Saturday, April 18, 2009


My Etsy store, that is! The money in my account has finally been released. Huzzah! I hope to have some stuff posted later today, or tomorrow someday on the nearing horizon. Sooooon, my precious......soon.

I'm excited!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Peacocks and Cephalopods!

Peacocks DO Fly! (necklace, pendant shown)

Flying Peacock, designed by Zeus' older sister Hera. Wear for marriage, but remove if you travel to Paris. Brilliant plumage in "as is" condition. Greek altar not included.


Here we have a lovely, colourful bird of polymer clay, travelling a migratory path of cream-coloured freshwater pearls and purple metallic seed beads. He’s trying to catch the rose quartz oval that sits on your shoulder, but alas, it remains out of reach due to the secure beading and fastening of this necklace. This very special piece of finery hangs at 18”, which is just the right length to get noticed! OOAK.


I like Bryan's way better than mine =)

Violet, the Octopus (necklace, pendant shown)

Oct Pendant, not to be confused with October. Alternate with the Edge Of the Deep Green Sea necklace for maximum saline effect. Favorite of International Maritime Organization.


This light purple octopus has the shiniest eyes we’ve ever seen. In fact, they’re made of two little glass pearls, set with wire into her polymer clay body. All of her was sculpted by hand, from her big round head to her eight swirly tentacles! She hangs from a seed-beaded cable at 18”, the perfect height to showcase her unusual beauty. Super cute! OOAK.


I call it Violet, Bryan calls it Oct. They both work. The Edge of the Deep Green Sea necklace will be introduced in a new post.

Green Squid Pendant

Green Squid, of the order Teuthida. Bilateral symmetry included. Has three hearts, wavelength of 570 nanometres, looks great against red sweater.


I haven't actually written anything about this one yet, because I haven't found the right beads to string it with. But I love it. It's pretty big, like around 2" long.

That's it for today! I hope you enjoy, and see you soon.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Deco Drops, Crab Apples, and Pretty Blue Birds

The Carnelian Deco earrings!

Vintage drops! According to B.D.:

Carnelian Deco

Trigonal crystal system. Old French cornele cherry. Copied from Assyrian cylinder seals (Pliny the Elder's, not the outdated Persian model). 2.61 specific gravity, splintering natural.

B. might be speaking figuratively, so I'll just go ahead and say that splintering is not expected with these earrings. Here's my boring description:

Wear a subtle hint of glamour on your ears with these carnelian-orange and gold earrings. Two simple and stunning vintage art deco glass pendants are wrapped in plenty of 24g gold-filled wire and hung on gold-plated screw-style clip-on earring hooks. The result is a clean, warm, vintage-styled ladylike pair of drop earrings fit for day or night wear.

The Apple Blossom Collection, necklace and bracelet.

D.'s take:

Crafted in 1961 by Jerry Murad and the Harmonicats. $1.oo off with photographic evidence of Apple Blossom tattoo (temporaries count). These pieces will eventually turn into apples. Wear when baking/serving Apple Blossom cake.

A more technical approach from me:

This sweet necklace features a juicy pair of beads in fruity, retro colours. A 20mm cherry quartz bead decorated with a brass bell flower is reminiscent of a crab apple, with its pale reddish-pink colour. Next to it hangs a 12mm vintage Bakelite bead in a deep cranberry hue, sandwiched between two tiny metallic faceted seed beads in a rosy pink. Above these dangles a light jonquil Czech glass flower, perched like a tiny little blossom. The total length of the necklace is about 22”, from the gold-plated lobster clasp fastening the gold-filled cable chain to the tips of the brass crab-apple crown. This can be worn for a romantic outing with an elegant dress or anywhere else with a crisp, white blouse – the versatility leaves it up to you. Check out the matching bracelet for a coordinated outfit.

The Blueberry Bird necklace.

From B.:

Dedicated to the memory of Agricultural Research Service biochemist Larry Zeleny. Marked down from $550.00. Nesting boxes may require maintenance.

From me!

Our little blue bird loves to eat blueberries, as you can see in this cute new necklace. The detailed vintage cabochon measures 40x30mm. It’s stuck good in a vintage brass setting and hung from a light, fun olive-green polyester chain with a brass-finished toggle clasp. For added style, the cabochon is backed with pretty piece of vintage 1930s cotton! The bird hangs at around 18”. It’s the perfect party necklace for summer! OOAK.

That's it for today! Tomorrow, maybe the next day, and you will have a few new things to look at and think about. Thanks for checking me out!



Welcome to my jewellery blog! My name is Georgia, if you don't already know, and I live in Southern Ontario. My jewellery is many things, but I always strive for it to be high-quality and well-made. My designs fall into two main categories: Vera Luna, classy stuff for classy ladies, and Vera Luna Hearts, fun and funky stuff for fun and funky ladies who are also a little bit classy. I'll use any material that inspires me, from gemstones like labradorite and howlite, to vintage elements like real Bakelite (one of the earliest forms of plastic!), to polymer clay, because it's fun and versatile and I can have some really creative results in just a few hours.

I'm going to introduce a piece or two every few days here, counting down the days until I open my shop on Etsy. After the shop opens, I'll probably talk about inspirations and new things I'm working on, stuff like that. FYI, I also write underground horror, so you may also hear about a little bit of that.

Speaking of horror, a good friend of mine, underground writer B.D., has written some descriptions for the things I've made. While not based 100% in our version of reality, they are true to the pieces, in a loose sense, and for real facty facts I will supply a more traditional description underneath, or above or beside, his.

To start us off right, I'm going to introduce the first pieces in a new post, so you, the reader, don't get overwhelmed and navigate away from my page before I get to impress you with my awesomeness. So stay tuned, because I will be right back!