Tuesday, September 22, 2009

As Soon As I Get Excited About Fall...

...the temperature rises to 24 degrees with a humidex of 30! It looks like swimming season might not be as over as I thought. To celebrate that now instead of the crispness of fall and all that, may I present some ocean-themed jewellery.

First up is a necklace called Pale Moonlight, featured at right. The pink and purple pearls are so cool and inviting. The centerpiece is a mermaid cameo set in a vintage brass setting with a backing of complimentary fabric. Beneath that, a long crystal teardrop hangs from more luminous pearls. Beautiful, unique, and limited.

Next we have another unique number called Golden Sands. This one is warm and elegant, draping nicely at about 20". This one also features a mermaid cameo, this time in a different brass setting. Bronze pearls, gold filled chain and a small asymmetrically placed toggle clasp make this necklace a one-of-a-kind.

So, what kind of weather will we have tomorrow?


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