Sunday, October 25, 2009

Some More....Stuff!

Fall is back with even more cold weather than is seasonal, so I guess it's time to bring out some of the new autumnal pieces. Behold, the Diamond Mine necklace!

I named it the Diamond Mine because the flakes of sparkling silver in the black labradorite remind me of the subtle shimmer in certain rough rocks. The beads are smooth and cool, wired together firmly with sterling silver and hanging from a length of sparkling silver cable chain.

Matching sets are fantastic, so in that spirit, I present the Diamond Mine bracelet and Diamond Meteor bracelet!

Made with the same cool smooth black labradorite stone, in the same style as the Meteor and Black Lab bracelets of summer, these pieces are perfect for fall and winter. They make a somewhat bolder statement than their summer counterparts, but they do mix and match equally well with them. Nothing says style like black and silver.

That is that! Hallowe'en is nearly upon us, and I have lots of awesome fun stuff to do - carving pumpkins, making caramel apples, working on my costume, AND making spooky jewellery. I'm excited. I will post pics of my progress soon.

Until then!