Saturday, June 13, 2009

I've been featured!

A lovely girl named Janet, of JeByJa on Etsy, has featured me on her blog! She updates every day with new artists on Etsy, and it's something we can really use these days. Thanks Janet!

In other news, I made some big sales today. I did some custom pieces for a lovely woman named Sylvia, and she loved them, but I took a spontaneous nap before I got the chance to take any pics. Just believe me, I do awesome work (I'm totally cool). Here's a pic of the poly clay pendant in-process:

He's a lizard! This is before he got his yellow spots and his gold bronze pulver....uh, dusting, but I'll show you his cool little face too:

Neat-o, huh? I'm pretty pleased with the way he turned out. You should see him fully dressed! I'll find more pics soon, but really, pics don't do him justice.

And that's pretty much all for today. I had a good day, how about you?


Edit: Oh, maybe you want me to link to Janet's blog? Duh! Here it is!

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