Saturday, June 6, 2009

Whiskey Flower Bracelet

New listing! This one's a tribute to Whiskey, the best friend that ever came out of a bottle. Way better than a genie. Sure, Whiskey has terrible judgment and is all too gifted at convincing you otherwise, and you never wake up after a night spent with Whiskey without a headache, but come on. Just saying...wearing this bracelet is far safer than drinking it. So here it is!

This bracelet is a sassy shot of warmth with a bit of bite and a smooth finish! Flat smooth ovals of grey labradorite are linked together with gold filled wire and a gold filled toggle clasp. A warm whiskey coloured Czech glass flower dangles from one end.

Drink up! You won't regret this one, I promise.



  1. Cute bracelet! Hmm.. I haven't tried whisky before...

  2. It's a bit of a slap in the face (whiskey, I mean, haha). Thanks for the compliment!