Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sad News =(

Sad for me, anyway. To explain my absence of late, here it is: my foster dog Joanie, whom I was going to adopt as soon as she got back from her visit to the vet a week ago, died while she was there. She was only a year and a half old, and I had her for a month. I'm telling myself that she had a happy home with us for the first time in her life, and that maybe our purpose was to help her see that not all humans are bad, but I'm still really sad. I've been grieving, and therefore not doing much blogging or jewellery-ing. It's been a few days, and although I'm still heartbroken, I'm afraid grief doesn't pay in the monetary sense, so I'll get back down to work soon. Who knows, maybe it'll make me feel better.

See you soon,



  1. so sorry, it's so hard to lose a pet. i hope the days get easier for you.

  2. So very, very sorry you've lost your fur-baby... Be taking good care...take that time you need. Sending peaceful thoughts your way... On a brighter note--great to find you via ArtFire and Twitter. :o)

  3. Thanks, Tracy! Joanie was really wonderful. It's nice to see you too =)