Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Dog a Day: A Cat

I went back to the SPCA yesterday and wore myself out walking lots of lovable dogs. This time I also met a few lovable cats! See, it went like this: there were two fluffy grey kittens, and then one of them was adopted, so the other one was, in my imagination, sad. So I played with him, and let me tell you - there was a period of about fifteen minutes when I was sure I was not leaving the place without him. I did come to my senses eventually, though, since he was into everything and enjoyed climbing me like I was a tree and not a soft, bleedy human being. His photo is gone from the site, which I guess means he didn't have to sleep alone at the shelter for long. Just trust me, he was super cute.

Then I met a cat that I really do want to take home. His name is Carizma:

He's beautiful. I'm told he was surrendered because there was no time for him, which sucks for him because he is really sweet. I wanted to take him home too, I think I mentioned, but we're not ready for a new pet yet. We have some cleaning to do, we just lost our totally awesome cat Midnight after 12 years...anyway, yeah. Carizma. If he's still there when we are ready, I would like to adopt him. Stay tuned to see how that turns out, if you can handle the suspense!



  1. I have an all white cat Earnest whom I got from a lady who takes in abused and abandoned cats. He has one blue eye and one golden eye, and is deaf.
    I, too, once had a cat named Midnight.

  2. That's cool, Splendid Little Stars! Animal adoption is a wonderful thing =)