Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stegosaurus Necklace

Stegosaurus Necklace!

Are you fed up with cryptozoololgists and their dinosaur lies? Stop thinking with your second brain, let down your armor plates, and party like it's one hundred and fifty million years ago. Necklace is 12 meters long and 5.5 short tons. Perfect for single moms, Charles W. Gilmore, and anyone from Como Bluff, Wyoming. Predators not included.


Wear a little bit of the Mesozoic era around your neck. This unique collar necklace consists of luxurious deep green Biwa pearls and rice-shaped handmade polymer clay beads, all strung on strong and flexible beading wire. Holding it all together is a sterling silver lobster clasp. The colours and textures in this necklace evoke visions of steamy green prehistoric rainforests, or the strong plates lined up on a stegosaurus’ back, don’t you think? This is a lush and dinosaur-nostalgic way to make a statement, and the perfect decoration for a special evening. Listed this lovely today! It's pretty wicked in person, and sometimes I dream of dinosaur times, when all the plants were huge and it was probably really humid and the sun was hazy and beautiful.

See you soon!



  1. Great deep rich color! It's very lovely!

  2. Prehistoric awesomeness! The color looks really cool!

  3. Thanks, Teresa! Prehistoric awesomeness rules!