Friday, May 1, 2009

Garden Amber, Like I Promised in the Previous Post

There it is, the Garden Amber bracelet. Made to layer with Springtime, but not required to.

Common cloudy, not made of tree sap. May contain insects. Give props to the Sun God Elector the Awakener at Phoenician get togethers with this limited edition. Warning: Electrostatic properties may decompose if heated above 200 degrees centigrade.


It was a few months ago that I wrote the description for this bracelet, and I was sick at the time. I posted something nicer on Etsy, but here's what I came up with originally, in a Nyquil-tinted daze:

Here we have a classic bracelet made with puffed jade rectangles about the same colour as the goo exploding from my lungs right now. It’s a bright, organic spring green colour, fastened with gold-filled wire and a gold-filled toggle clasp. Dangling breezily from the links are alternating vintage glass leaves of black and amber. A truly disquieting sight!

Makes you want to buy, doesn't it? Rest assured, I wasn't sick when I actually made the bracelet. I don' things when I'm sick, aside from languish online and maybe get the occasional paperwork done. The rest is all sleeping and complaining. I'm feeling much better now, though. I guess I have been for months, really.

See you soon!


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