Monday, April 27, 2009

A Dog a Day: Jack Skellington

Before I tell you about Jack Skellington, I have good news: Nelly, the adorable beagle cross from the last dog post, found her forever home a few days ago! Yay!
Here's Jack:
Jack Skellington is a German Shepherd cross. He's big and strong but gentle and generally awesome. He'd be perfect for a family with a big yard and a park nearby. His profile says he's sweet and shy, which is pretty much what I got from meeting him. Look at that handsome doggy face, ready to make you totally popular at the dog park (if you happen to live in the Southern Ontario area)! From the name they gave him, it seems he's been there since Hallowe'en. He deserves a good home. Maybe posting about the dogs I've met is good luck, and he'll be going home soon.

I'll return with more canine coolness soon!


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