Monday, April 13, 2009

Deco Drops, Crab Apples, and Pretty Blue Birds

The Carnelian Deco earrings!

Vintage drops! According to B.D.:

Carnelian Deco

Trigonal crystal system. Old French cornele cherry. Copied from Assyrian cylinder seals (Pliny the Elder's, not the outdated Persian model). 2.61 specific gravity, splintering natural.

B. might be speaking figuratively, so I'll just go ahead and say that splintering is not expected with these earrings. Here's my boring description:

Wear a subtle hint of glamour on your ears with these carnelian-orange and gold earrings. Two simple and stunning vintage art deco glass pendants are wrapped in plenty of 24g gold-filled wire and hung on gold-plated screw-style clip-on earring hooks. The result is a clean, warm, vintage-styled ladylike pair of drop earrings fit for day or night wear.

The Apple Blossom Collection, necklace and bracelet.

D.'s take:

Crafted in 1961 by Jerry Murad and the Harmonicats. $1.oo off with photographic evidence of Apple Blossom tattoo (temporaries count). These pieces will eventually turn into apples. Wear when baking/serving Apple Blossom cake.

A more technical approach from me:

This sweet necklace features a juicy pair of beads in fruity, retro colours. A 20mm cherry quartz bead decorated with a brass bell flower is reminiscent of a crab apple, with its pale reddish-pink colour. Next to it hangs a 12mm vintage Bakelite bead in a deep cranberry hue, sandwiched between two tiny metallic faceted seed beads in a rosy pink. Above these dangles a light jonquil Czech glass flower, perched like a tiny little blossom. The total length of the necklace is about 22”, from the gold-plated lobster clasp fastening the gold-filled cable chain to the tips of the brass crab-apple crown. This can be worn for a romantic outing with an elegant dress or anywhere else with a crisp, white blouse – the versatility leaves it up to you. Check out the matching bracelet for a coordinated outfit.

The Blueberry Bird necklace.

From B.:

Dedicated to the memory of Agricultural Research Service biochemist Larry Zeleny. Marked down from $550.00. Nesting boxes may require maintenance.

From me!

Our little blue bird loves to eat blueberries, as you can see in this cute new necklace. The detailed vintage cabochon measures 40x30mm. It’s stuck good in a vintage brass setting and hung from a light, fun olive-green polyester chain with a brass-finished toggle clasp. For added style, the cabochon is backed with pretty piece of vintage 1930s cotton! The bird hangs at around 18”. It’s the perfect party necklace for summer! OOAK.

That's it for today! Tomorrow, maybe the next day, and you will have a few new things to look at and think about. Thanks for checking me out!


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