Monday, April 27, 2009

Garden Amber and Springtime

Good news! I sold 5 pieces in person this week - only one of them currently listed on Etsy. Someone simply had to have this bracelet I like to call Springtime, I'm Out Here in Your Morning Breezes.

Essential piece for optimists/lovers. Not suggested for winter, summer, or autumn (unless you are very secure or Celtic). Perfect for March, April and May. Make a spash at the Vernal Equinox. Flora will flourish wherever you go, and swallows will follow. Especially pretty during supercell thunderstorms.

-B. D.

A spring-coloured combination of olivine jade rectangles, Czech glass flowers in garnet and wasabi, and sterling silver findings – this bracelet was made to remind you that winter can’t possibly last forever, or so I’ve been told. Fun and breezy, perfect for dressing up or down! -G.M.

This bracelet went to a lovely Dutch girl who can give it the love it deserves. I'll be making a variation of this right away, though, so sit tight. More news on dogs to come!


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