Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Edge of the Deep Green Sea

I just listed this on Etsy, where I believe it promptly disappeared into the pool of new jewellery constantly circulating the site.
According to Bryan:

Edge of Deep Green Sea, located in South Carolina. Comes with historic value. Looks great against the Adriatic. Quantum physics required. Alternates well with..(Oct Necklace, also known as Violet the Octopus).


And to myself:

Accessorize yourself on days when you feel lost at sea. This necklace is a moody homage to the mysterious ocean. It hangs at around 20”, featuring an 18x24mm cameo set in a vintage brass backing with an antiqued scalloped edge. The cameo is a haunting tableau of sea sirens drawing sailors to their deaths on the open ocean. Dark green and light jonquil irregular freshwater pearls make up the length of the necklace, wrapped in sterling silver wire and fastening at an asymmetrical point to one side with an antiqued brass toggle clasp. At the corresponding spot on the other side, a yellow silk flower blooms above a dangling yellow crystal faceted pear. Finally, two strands of wire-wrapped pearls make up the front of this show stopper; the cameo is wired to the shorter strand, and the bottom drapes elegantly across the décolleté. Unique, dark, stormy and beautiful, this necklace is perfect for anyone who likes to dress outside the box. OOAK.


It's a pretty wicked necklace, if I do say so myself. I hope someone notices it! *crosses fingers*

I'm just going to have to leave signs of myself everywhere I go. That's going to contrast pretty sharply with my training as a ninja, so it's bound to be an uphill battle. I'll have to learn to make noise when I enter a room, and leave behind business cards instead of flashes and plumes of vanishing smoke.

Hey, the mermaid reminded me: I started to write a mermaid story a long time ago, so maybe I'll post some of it on the sister blog, to generate interest or gain feedback or at least drag it up from the bottom of the well I left it in when I started writing other things. Look, it's a scary mermaid story, not a romantic, Twilight-with-fishgirls story, right? People actually get hurt. I promise.

*flash, smoke*



  1. Great blog and I love your creativity. We were in Hamilton last week to visit our daughter and her hubby. We went to the Royal Botanical Gardens and had an awesome time.:o)

  2. Thanks, folks! The RBG is awesome - are the huge bug sculptures still there? They were the size of cars. It was cool/scary.