Thursday, April 23, 2009

Star Falling!

This is a pretty popular bracelet in my household, so I decided to break some hearts and sell it.

Star Falling, not outshone by the sun, collapsing through clouds. Morning star, son of dawn. Absorbs light frequencies, the color of authority. Wear it to a stock market crash, perfect attire for the Great Depression.


This bracelet is actually called We Own the Sky, my not at all favourite song by M83. It just seemed to fit, though, see? Anyway, here's the official description:

Here’s a fun and pretty bracelet sure to turn heads, if people happen to be looking in the direction of your hands. A reaaaaally big black plastic star dangles from a double-link silver tone chain, fastened with a brass-finished toggle clasp. Luminous purple glass pearls dangle along the length. Fun and crazy! OOAK.

I think I'll write something a bit more life-related in the next post, but I'll make it a seperate one, so you can see We Own the Sky in all its glory. Catch it here, in my store, if you stumbled here by accident and want to own it or anything else I've posted!

See you soon!

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