Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Peacocks and Cephalopods!

Peacocks DO Fly! (necklace, pendant shown)

Flying Peacock, designed by Zeus' older sister Hera. Wear for marriage, but remove if you travel to Paris. Brilliant plumage in "as is" condition. Greek altar not included.


Here we have a lovely, colourful bird of polymer clay, travelling a migratory path of cream-coloured freshwater pearls and purple metallic seed beads. He’s trying to catch the rose quartz oval that sits on your shoulder, but alas, it remains out of reach due to the secure beading and fastening of this necklace. This very special piece of finery hangs at 18”, which is just the right length to get noticed! OOAK.


I like Bryan's way better than mine =)

Violet, the Octopus (necklace, pendant shown)

Oct Pendant, not to be confused with October. Alternate with the Edge Of the Deep Green Sea necklace for maximum saline effect. Favorite of International Maritime Organization.


This light purple octopus has the shiniest eyes we’ve ever seen. In fact, they’re made of two little glass pearls, set with wire into her polymer clay body. All of her was sculpted by hand, from her big round head to her eight swirly tentacles! She hangs from a seed-beaded cable at 18”, the perfect height to showcase her unusual beauty. Super cute! OOAK.


I call it Violet, Bryan calls it Oct. They both work. The Edge of the Deep Green Sea necklace will be introduced in a new post.

Green Squid Pendant

Green Squid, of the order Teuthida. Bilateral symmetry included. Has three hearts, wavelength of 570 nanometres, looks great against red sweater.


I haven't actually written anything about this one yet, because I haven't found the right beads to string it with. But I love it. It's pretty big, like around 2" long.

That's it for today! I hope you enjoy, and see you soon.


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