Monday, April 13, 2009


Welcome to my jewellery blog! My name is Georgia, if you don't already know, and I live in Southern Ontario. My jewellery is many things, but I always strive for it to be high-quality and well-made. My designs fall into two main categories: Vera Luna, classy stuff for classy ladies, and Vera Luna Hearts, fun and funky stuff for fun and funky ladies who are also a little bit classy. I'll use any material that inspires me, from gemstones like labradorite and howlite, to vintage elements like real Bakelite (one of the earliest forms of plastic!), to polymer clay, because it's fun and versatile and I can have some really creative results in just a few hours.

I'm going to introduce a piece or two every few days here, counting down the days until I open my shop on Etsy. After the shop opens, I'll probably talk about inspirations and new things I'm working on, stuff like that. FYI, I also write underground horror, so you may also hear about a little bit of that.

Speaking of horror, a good friend of mine, underground writer B.D., has written some descriptions for the things I've made. While not based 100% in our version of reality, they are true to the pieces, in a loose sense, and for real facty facts I will supply a more traditional description underneath, or above or beside, his.

To start us off right, I'm going to introduce the first pieces in a new post, so you, the reader, don't get overwhelmed and navigate away from my page before I get to impress you with my awesomeness. So stay tuned, because I will be right back!


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