Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I listed a new item today! Behold, the Waterfalling earrings:

Is society eroding your will to live? Don't worry, it's not your "fault" (or your landslide). The perfect piece to stave off suicidal tendencies. Don't throw yourself over Niagara Falls - clasp on this collector's item instead. Increases your velocity, depression will recede. Essential for the survival of all life forms.


These earrings are an elegant addition to Vera Luna, measuring about 2” in length. On each sterling silver hinged earring, an emerald-coloured Swarovski heart crystal is wrapped in delicate silver wire, dangling at the end of a sterling silver cable chain. Next to this hangs a silver key on a slightly heavier chain, giving the earrings flash and movement. A lovely accessory for any outfit.

I'll be back with more soon, my pretties, soooon!



  1. I love the name of your earrings. They look fab! Thanks for the follow! ^_^

  2. Thanks, Lunatiger! Half the fun of making jewellery is naming it, I think. Thank you for the follow!