Sunday, April 19, 2009

I am Open for Business! Oh, let me rephrase that...

Vera Luna is now present on Etsy! Come see me and witness all those little details I'm not sure about! Gasp aloud as you discover my desperately attention-grabbing tag skills! Now, people who stumbled here by accident friends and loved ones, we begin that long period of glorious uncertainty known on Etsy as the Undiscovered (Pounce) Country. If you remember your Star Trek, that country is the future, not the awesome place you assumed it was when you first saw the trailers for that movie as a kid.

What I mean to say is, success may take its time getting here. That's not something I'm unaccustomed to, so I think I'm pretty prepared. However, if any of you out there are totally in love with something I've made and want to make me ridiculously happy by causing money to fall into my bank account, please, feel free to do so. Refer your rich friends to me as well.

I'll post some new photos here soon!


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